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DreamFest Digital | Dana James Mwangi
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Dana James Mwangi

From full-time corporate employee to full-time entrepreneur, Dana’s career has evolved from being an in-house print designer to agency founder, brand & website builder, creative director and speaker.


After undergrad, Dana landed jobs where she designed marketing pieces for SunTrust and Wells Fargo, and package design for home storage items sold in major retail stores such as Walmart and Target. This shaped her understanding of brand consistency, and sparked a desire to offer her knowledge to a wider variety of businesses. With her love for clean design and belief that everyone has a story to tell, Dana founded Cheers Creative, a Memphis-based brand and web design agency.


While Dana has always been an artist, entrepreneurship kindled a yearning to conquer the business side of creating. Since the opening of Cheers in 2012, Dana has developed an international client roster, developing brand design for industry leaders, creative professionals, conferences, and entertainment platforms. She’s been featured in dozens of business and design podcasts, blog articles and online design showcases, all while being a wife and stay-at-home mom. Her writings about effective logo design has been referenced in , and she has partnered with one of the world’s fastest selling WordPress themes to provide custom web development to their customers.


Dana received a BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design from the University of Memphis. When she’s not working or contributing to the Memphis arts scene, Dana is spending time with her husband, 11-year old son and three year old twin girls.