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DreamFest Digital | Domonique West Townsend
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Domonique West Townsend

Domonique West Townsend is a prolific speaker, published author, professional engineer, and is heavily involved in the empowerment of women and underrepresented minorities. She is the wife of a loving husband, William and mother of three wonderful children, William, Pryce and Brynlee who are 6,4, and 3.


She is the founder of Meltdown Momma LLC., a business that inspires mothers to be confident in the decisions they make for themselves and their family through course offerings, empowerment tools and speaking appearances. She is also the founder of Engineered 2 Succeed, an academic preparedness program which focuses on increasing the retention rate of underrepresented students who seek to pursue and obtain their engineering degree. She is currently piloting her program at Tennessee Tech University.


Domonique was chosen as the First Series 2016 Nashville Entrepreneur Center Minority Founder Scholar and is currently the host of a podcast that focuses on increasing awareness of diversity and inclusion initiatives in the Nashville community titled, “Diver[c]ity.


Domonique is the author of the 5-Star rated book, “Sweetheart! After You Have your Meltdown, Can You Make Dinner?” and has recently released her new journal book entitled, “Love the Ebony in Me”. Both books focus on providing rich content to help empower mothers and women overcome common obstacles they may face in life.


She is a member of the Young Leaders Society of United Way and strives to serve as a community leader.


She also hosted her first annual diaper drive in November of 2015, where she raised over 13,000 diapers that helped over 200 families in need in the Nashville community in less than 3 weeks.


If Domonique was challenged to sum up where she gets the strength and energy to pursue her many ventures while raising a family in one word, she would say “Purpose”.