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DreamFest Digital | Janelle Rucker
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Janelle Rucker

Uncovering a good story has always been a sixth sense of Janelle’s. In 2014, she created reTyped to use the power of story to build empathy, change the way we see each other, and break the stereotypes that often hinder us. The growing collection of narratives include stories from an educator, a domestic violence survivor, and an activist working to end mass incarceration. In following through on her dream, she has given a platform for others to share their passions, dreams, and purpose.


Janelle graduated from Hampton University’s Scripps Howard School for Journalism and Communication with a B.A. in Print Journalism in 2004. For six years she covered local governments for newspapers around the country, winning awards for work documenting juvenile justice reform, town politics, and human interest stories.


In 2011, Janelle left journalism to tell the stories of organizations working to end youth homelessness, teen pregnancy, and family violence. Currently the Managing Editor of Multimedia and Features for the National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth, she creates and manages podcasts, videos and feature publications.