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DreamFest Digital | Raymond Allmon
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Raymond Allmon

Raymond was born in Bossier City, Louisiana and has lived at one time or another in Bogalusa, Shreveport and New Orleans before moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he now lives. He is one of twelve children born to the late Bishop Richard V. Allmon, Sr. and Lois Allmon (yes, they had a whole DOZEN children). Raymond fashions himself as a “statistic;” a young boy that grew up with meager means, attending rough, inner city schools. Though his family didn’t have much money and didn’t live in a “plush” neighborhood, Raymond could always count on great teachers, a supportive family and a community that pushed him—from college to service—as a parent, entrepreneur, community leader, organizer, researcher and advocate.


His service to his community and nation has been expansive. Most recently, he served as an Education Advocacy Fellow at the 50 State Campaign for Achievement Now in Washington, D.C.  He has garnered wide acclaim for his prior service as the Managing City Director and National Organizing Coach at Stand for Children, where he helped parents across the nation find their voice and take action to ensure their children graduated high school prepared for college and life. Additionally, He has led strategy and start-up of several successful entertainment properties.


Raymond earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Speech Communication and Political Science; a Master’s Degree in Public Administration; and completed coursework for his Ph.D. in Human Resources and Leadership Development from Louisiana State University.


Visit his LinkedIn profile here.